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Strategy, Implementation & Operation Of Cloud-Native Apps And Data Platforms.

Techme24x7 Consultancy is the one stop destination for all your DevOps,Database and infrastructure monitoring needs. We are internationally known for comprehensive Open source data-management services, database development and cloud migrations. Hundreds of customers from all over the world rely on our DevOps,DBA and solution architects for cost-effective strategies in migrating and modernising their on-premises and cloud assets every day.

Open Source RDBMS

MySQL,MariaDB,PostgreSQL,Percona Server ,Percona XtraDB Cluster and Gleria Cluster Support

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Open Source - NoSQL

MongoDB and Cassandra Support

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Cloud Managed Databases

AWS RDS,Amazone Aurora (MySQL,PostgreSQL) Support

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Database Monitoring

Datadog,Grafana and Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) Support

Database Load Balancer

MariaDB MaxScale, ProxySQL,HAProxy

Database High Availability

MySQL Router,Amazon RDS Proxy, Orchestrator

Cloud Services

AWS,GCP,Azure Consulting Services

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Cloud Migration

Finding the right partner is key to the migration success.

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Container Solutions

Container orchestration and management technology

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Cloud Automations

Automation of entire cloud infrastructure using the latest tools from AWS, Ansible, Jenkins,Chef, Docker,Terraform and many more.

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Cloud Security Solutions

Security, Identity and Compliance

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Deployment Automations

Deployment of new infrastructure and applications on Cloud (AWS,GC,Azure)

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Cloud Security

Secure your end-to-end cloud (AWS,GCP,Azure) journey

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Open Source Database Training.

How TechMe Experts Can Help you?

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Remote DBA Support - DBA SRE

Remote DBA Support Services

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Learn to design, deploy and manage AWS Cloud systems

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Learn to automate applications, networks, and systems

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Linux Administration

Learn Linux(CentOS/Ubuntu/Redhat etc..)

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NoSQL - MongoDB

Popular open source NoSQL database-MongoDB

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NoSQL - Apache Cassandra

Popular open source NoSQL database-Apache Cassandra

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Internships for students and Fresh Graduate Engineers(BE / MCA / B.Tech / M.Tech/BCA//BSC IT /MSC IT etc..)

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  • Faridabad, Haryana, India

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 If you need a professional solution to your problems, get in touch with TechMe 24x7 Professional Services. They are master in MySQL and Percona Xtradb Cluster,ProxySQL solution.They save our valuable time and make the process easier to understand. The Consultants are very technical and answered all my questions -- even the boring ones. They explain each process carefully and in layman terms so that everyone understands. 

William Jones

 In today's world, open source software like MySQL,PostgreSQL,Percona Cluster and others, TechMe 24x7 Essentials make it possible for startups like Mindwa Technologies to compete with large corporations. Instead of focusing on how we can deploy an infrastructure to support our product, we can focus on other challenges, like delivering fantastic solutions to our customers. 

Michael Kross

 The very first day of our database and devops consulting engagement provided tangible returns on our investment. Within an hour, we were learning how to better optimize our databases infrastructure. 

Amy Warmouth
Senior Cloud Architect